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The Automotive Transformation is Speeding Up

Mar 23, 2019 |


In contrast to the roller coaster rides in the past, the automotive industry is currently experiencing a combination of technological disruptions and evolving consumer requirements which are metamorphosing the automotive landscape closer to a futuristic world that, so far, was only imagined. Clearly, the Automotive industry stands at an inflexion point, and year on year incremental increases can be expected from varied disruptions - i.e. higher electrified vehicle adoption, growing migration to ride-sharing in major cities around the world, and more advanced driver assistance systems being mandatorily fitted, especially safety related ones, on mainstream vehicles. Based on our analysis, we believe traditional automakers, suppliers and stakeholders urgently need to understand these megatrends in greater detail, or bear the risk of becoming irrelevant or obsolete. This report qualitatively highlights some key definitive trends, technological and economical, that are reshaping the global automotive industry.

Table of Contents:-

  • Introduction
  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • Automotive Trends in Brief
    • Shared Mobility
    • Connected Cars
    • Electrification
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Global Consolidation and Alliances
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 31
Author: Vinay Piparsania
Published Date: March 2019


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