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How Competition is Driving Innovation in the EV Battery Market

Jun 25, 2019 |


Electric vehicle (EVs) have emerged as a focal point of realizing eco-friendly policies across the world. Increasingly, automobile OEMs recognize that the future of their products lies outside the ecosystem of internal commercial engines (ICE). As a result, they are tweaking their business models to be future ready.

For EVs, the most crucial component is the battery. No wonder then that competition is getting fiercer among global automobile OEMs and battery manufacturers to get a hegemony over the EV battery market. However, this competition is also yielding technological breakthroughs. This Viewpoint provides glimpses of the recent technological advancements in the battery market along with a market outlook and forecast.

Table of Contents:

  • Snapshot
  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • Market Trends and Key Drivers
  • Falling Battery Prices     
  • Key Obstacles    
  • Market Forecasts
  • Ramping Up Production Capacity
  • No Significant Changes in the Competitive Landscape Before 2025
  • Top Battery Players
  • Viewpoint

Author: Liz Lee
Number of Pages: 18
Published Date: June 2019


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