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Growing Pollution Concerns Driving Investments in Commercial EVs

Nov 19, 2019 |


E-Bus will mostly drive the commercial EV shipments during the next five years, driven by government investments in green public transportation. As technology improves, the ability to rapidly swap battery packs that enable extended range (potentially up to 800km), will boost demand for EVs in commercial vehicles. Large automakers have set plans to investment in commercial EVs. Like the other EV segments, China is dominating in e-truck market as well. Most e-Trucks are in a testing phase. Tesla and Nikola are planning to introduce two new models each by 2023 which is expected to benefit the e-trucks market in the US.

This comprehensive report estimates the sales of e-bus, medium and heavy-duty e-trucks to 2025, and benchmarks critical success parameters for key OEMs. The report also includes strategic profiles of key commercial EV OEMs. This robust and fact-based analysis in the report will help industry participants across the commercial EV value chain to understand the current market scenario and plan for future growth.

Table of Contents - PPT

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Definitions and Segmentation
  • Market Drivers and Inhibitors
  • Market Forecast to 2025
    • E-Buses
    • E-Trucks
    • Country and Regional Analysis
    • Value Chain
  • Key Player Profiles


Table of Contents – Excel

  • Summary
    • Global Commercial EV Shipments - by Region (‘000 Units)
    • Global Commercial EV Shipments - by Region (in Billion US$)
  • E-Bus
    • Global E-Bus Shipments - by Region (‘000 Units)
    • Global E-Bus Shipments - by Region (in Billion US$)
    • Global E-Bus Shipments - by Geography (‘000 Units)
  • E-Truck
    • Global E-Truck Shipments - by Region (Units)
    • Global E-Truck Shipments - by Region (in Billion US$)
    • Global E-Truck Shipments - by Geography (Units)

Number of Pages: 37
Author: Soumen Mandal
Published Date: November 2019


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