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Urban Mobility to Push E-Scooter Market for Reducing Congestion and Pollution

Nov 26, 2019 | Author : Soumen Mandal


The global E-Scooter market is primarily driven by private ownership. China is leading global E-Scooter market but New Energy Vehicle Policy and license renewing system are holding back from high growth there. The sustainable option and lower operation cost are the major drivers for this market. Shared E-Scooter market is dominated by the European region, but the size of this market was very low in 2019. The study finds that the global E-Scooter market will reach over 22 million units in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14% during 2020-2025 period.

This robust report includes value chain analysis, market analysis of key countries including China and the US. The report also includes strategic profiles and competitive analysis of key OEMs, shared mobility providers. The in-depth analysis in the study includes key regional and global factors and trends affecting the market, beneficial in understanding the current market scenario and plan for the future.

Table of Contents – PPT

  • Executive Summary
  • Market Definition and Segmentation
  • Market Drivers and Inhibitors
  • Market Size and Forecast up to 2025
  • How Shared Mobility Pans Out
  • Key Player Strategies

Table of Contents – Excel
1.1.1     E-Scooter Shared - Sales (in Million Units)
1.1.2     E-Scooter Private - Sales (in Million Units)
1.1.3     E-Scooter Total - Sales (in Million Units)
1.2.1     E-Scooter Shared - Sales (in Billion US$)
1.2.2     E-Scooter Private - Sales (in Billion US$)
1.2.3     E-Scooter Total - Sales (in Billion US$)
1.3.1     E-Scooter OEMs - Sales (in Million Units)
1.3.2     E-Scooter OEMs - Market Share (in %)
1.4.1     E-Scooter Service Providers - Shared Sales (in Million Units)
1.4.2     E-Scooter Service Providers - Shared Sales (%)

Author: Soumen Mandal
Published Date: November, 2019


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