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Automotive LiDAR Market Trend and Implications 2022

Aug 16, 2022 | Author : Mohit Sharma

LiDAR has been in use for different applications across many industries for decades. During its initial phase in the automotive industry LiDAR was used only for autonomous test vehicles. However, things are changing; LiDAR is beginning to find its feet in passenger vehicles as automotive OEMs looking to make driving safe with high levels of automation. This research discusses the automotive LiDAR trend, as well as its evolution and future prospects
Table of Contents:
  • Automotive LiDAR Market Data
  • Understanding LiDAR
    • LiDAR Working Principle
    • LiDAR Imaging Technologies
  • Lidar Components and Value Chain
  • Market Analysis 
    • Is LiDAR important?
    • Current Status of Automotive LiDAR Market
    • Future of Automotive LiDAR Market
  • Market Trend
    • Trend One
    • Trend Two
  • Key Challenges
  • Conclusion
Number of Pages: 15
Publishing Date: August 2022


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