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Majority of American Consumers Have a Positive Opinion About 5G Smartphones

Jul 12, 2019 | Author : Pavel Naiya


Counterpoint Research has launched Consumer Lens, a global research program that aims to help the industry better understand the factors affecting consumer buying behavior with a detailed view and analysis on OEM share, app share, future purchase intentions, customer satisfaction and many other factors mapped across geographies and demographics. The latest Consumer Lens study focuses on understanding consumer awareness and opinion on 5G smartphone in the USA.

Table of Contents: 

  • Demographic
  • Awareness and Opinion of 5G
  • Future Purchase Intention
    • Considered buying a 5G smartphone?
    • Price Sensitivity
    • Popular Brand Choices
    • Willingness to Adopt 5G
    • Preferred Carriers for 5G?

Number of Pages: 15
Author: Pavel Naiya
Published Date: July 2019


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