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India-One Sixth Of The Respondents Are Interested In Cutting Their Budget By 20% Or More

Aug 19, 2020 | Author : Pavel Naiya


To understand the latest consumer behavior, we conducted a multi-country consumer research study (including India). This report covered smartphone consumer behavior in India, including past purchase history, future purchase intention, the effect of COVID-19 on smartphone purchase intention, spending on apps, etc.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Takeaways
  • Past Purchase History
    • Past Purchase History
    • Reasons for Choosing a Purchase Location
    • Spend on Current Phone
    • Satisfaction Level
    • Top Information Sources
  • Future Purchase Preference
    • Future Brand Preference
    • Future Purchase Spending Preference
    • Most important factors influencing the next mobile phone purchase decision
    • Location for Future Purchase
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Effect on Consumer Buying Behavior
    • Effect on Smartphone Buying Plan
    • Effect on Smartphone Budget
    • Attitude toward China and Made-in-China Products
  • Spending on Apps
    • Monthly Spending on Apps by category

Number of Pages: 34
Author: Pavel Naiya
Published Date: August 2020


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