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About Half of Korean Smartwatch Users Use Health Monitoring Features Daily

Jan 7, 2022 | Author : Sujeong Lim


in Q3 2021, the global smartwatch market grew 16% YoY reaching 30.2 millions of quarterly shipments. It was higher than the forecast numbers we expected in the previous quarter and we believe that the market will continue to achieve double-digit growth every year in the next few years.

As the market expands, more people are interested in smartwatches, so it will be interesting to know the perceptions of smartwatch users at this time.

The survey was conducted in October 2021 with 400 Korean smartwatch users. We also published a similar consumer research report a year ago, so it would be nice to see a comparison.

Table of Contents:

  • Survey Demographics
  • Korea Smartwatch and Smartphone Market
  • Key Findings
  • Past Purchase
    • Purchase history
    • Place of Past Purchase
    • Spend on Current Smartwatch
    • Buying Motivations
  • User Satisfaction
    • Current Smartwatch Satisfaction Level
    • Areas of Satisfaction
    • Areas of Dissatisfaction
  • Close Look ad Health Monitoring Features
  • Future Purchase Intentions
    • Future Purchase Timing
    • Purchase Channel Preference
    • Future Purchase Spending
    • Future Brand Preference
    • Most Important Factors in Next Smartwatch Purchase Decision
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 27

Published Date: January 2022


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