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India Quarterly Handset Outlook Jun 2020

Jul 31, 2020 | Author : Ankit Malhotra


India Smartphone Market is estimated to decline by 8% in 2020 as due to COVID-19 pandemic. In a measure to control the pandemic, Indian Government imposed a lockdown on the country but due to the negative strains seen on the economy by the said lockdown, the country started to "Unlock" itself starting from June 1 when Unlock 1.0 came into force. The offline market and the online market were now open at all places except in some containment zones. As the country started to go adjust from ":Lockdown" to "Unlock" we saw the saw the smartphone market recovering faster than expected as the pent-up demand came into play. Post-Lockdown sales have made us a little more optimistic towards the market for this year. One Major Incident that affected the market was India-China clash at borders. That clash led to a strong Anti-China wave in the country which is reflected in the sales of June 2020. The biggest beneficiary of this wave is Samsung which regained the #1 spot in the Indian Smartphone market for June.

This report provides quarter wise forecasts for key vendors in India by analysing the shipments (in millions) since Q1 2016. This report contains historic handset data by smartphone and feature phone up to Q1 2020 and the same is forecasted up to the end of 2022. It also gives the market share, shipments, retail revenues and retail ASP of these smartphone and feature phone by vendors. We have also included handset volumes by cellular tech and by OS for the vendors in India.

This premium version deep dives within vendors, handsets, technology and OS to give a comprehensive overview of the Indian smartphone market. This India market outlook covering multiple dimensions and robust forecast will help players across the handset value chain (vendors, operators, OS players) to holistically analyse the current state of the India handset market and plan ahead of the competition.  

Table of Contents:

  • Analysis
  • Pivot Table (Tech)
  • India Handset Value By Vendor
  • India Smartphone Value By Vendor
  • India Feature Phone Value By Vendor
  • India Handset Volume By Vendor
  • India Smartphone Volume By Vendor
  • India Feature Phone Volume By Vendor
  • India Handset Volume By Technology
  • India Smartphone Volume By OS

Published Date: July 2020


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