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USA Biweekly Report - USA iPhone 12 outpaces iPhone 11 YoY in first weeks of 2021

Feb 9, 2021 |

Overview : 

This report is based on our US weekly smartphone tracker which tracks the sales of all smartphone models sold in the USA.
It captures the changes in market share of key brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, ZTE, TCL and others.
This report adds context to the numbers and provides guidance on what is likely to happen in the market in the coming month.

January is usually a slow month for smartphone OEMs. Consumers are less likely to purchase devices in the first month of the new year as many already bought a device during the holiday season. But this year is different. Apple launched four new iPhones in Q4 2020 via a staggered roll-out. The delayed and staggered launch caused supply issues as there was strong seasonal demand for the devices; this was especially true for the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. 

As a result, this demand spilled into 2021. With the supplies improving, the first two weeks of January 2021 saw the iPhone 12 series having better overall sales compared to the iPhone 11 series in 2020. 
With the current sales numbers for iPhones, January 2021 is on target to be over 20% stronger YoY for Apple.


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Author: Maurice Klaehne
Published Date: Feb 2021


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