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Southeast Asia Smartphone Gaming Market, July 2022

Jul 20, 2022 | Author : Glen Cardoza

This report underlines the growing trend of smartphone gaming in the key Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. The report details how the increase in smartphone penetration and connectivity in the region has boosted the interest in smartphone gaming. It provides a deeper understanding of the consumer base and types of games played. It focuses on the main factors leading to this growth and the current change in trends as well. 5G will play an important part in the future of gaming. From casual gaming to multiplayer esports, this industry is set to grow further. This report encapsulates the smartphone e-gaming industry in Southeast Asia by covering the main countries and aspects of the ecosystem.
Table of Contents: 
  • Smartphone shipment volumes, Q1 2015 to Q4 2021
  • Growth in gaming chipsets, 2020-2021
  • Growth in specialized gaming smartphones, 2020-2021
  • Factors pushing gaming growth over the last two years
  • Connectivity and ecosystem initiatives
  • Trends currently changing the smartphone gaming ecosystem
  • Top specifications considered in gaming smartphones
  • Types of games and top gaming smartphones in 2022
  • Role of 5G and its share in smartphone shipment with forecast 
  • Appendix
Publishing Date: July 2022
Number of Pages: 9


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