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Make in India 2017 Update

Mar 1, 2018 | Author : Tarun Pathak


This report gives an overview of "Make in India" and related trends of the handset manufacturing ecosystem. It also analyzes the true local value addition happening within the country under the phased manufacturing program. It is critical for the ‘Make in India’ initiative that it enters the next phase and transforms the manual semi-knocked-down (SKD) level assembly and minimal amount of local component sourcing into a large-scale manufacturing ecosystem over the next few years. Currently, most of the components and sub-components are imported and assembled in a semi-knocked-down format. There is hardly any incentive or effort to meaningfully invest in research, design, development, advanced surface mount technology (SMT) led printed-circuit-board (PCBA) manufacturing, or attempts to attract key component suppliers to form a robust local manufacturing ecosystem.

Table of Contents:

  • Mobile Phones Annual Volumes Growth in Key Markets: CY 2017
  • India Mobile Phone Market Outlook
  • India Smartphone Wholesale ASP (Average Selling Price) Trends
  • Rise of Chinese Smartphone Brands! How & Why?
  • Make in India: Current State
  • Make in India: Next Phase
  • Make in India: Phased Approach

Number of Pages: 27
Published Date: March 2018



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