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AI-Driven Small Farm Robots Set To Transform Arable Farming

Feb 9, 2019 |

Robots have been used for many years to automate production processes across a range of industries. Now robotic systems are finding increasing use in agriculture and are poised to transform farming in the coming years.

This Viewpoint investigates the emerging market for Small Farm Robots (SFRs) and focuses on the most promising applications and enabling technologies. It also discusses the impact of SFRs on farms, on the agricultural machinery industry and on global food production around the world during the next five years.

Table of Contents:

- Key planning assumptions

- Background and Context

- Types of Small Farm Robots

- Aerial Analytics

- Crop Care and Maintenance

- Harvesting

- Controlled Environment Agriculture

- Benefits of Small Farm Robots

- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

- AI in AgTech

- Impact of SFRs on Farms, Food Production and the Environment

- Competitive Landscape

- Viewpoint


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