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Stacking Up the Foldable Trend in 2019

Mar 3, 2019 |


Barely two months into 2019 and foldable devices are already the biggest emerging trend in the world of smartphones. Almost all OEMs are eager to push out their own device designs and get a foothold in this new market segment. Despite the hype, there are still some important questions that need to be asked and addressed. What problems are foldable devices solving? How will they impact the market moving forward?

This short report will analyze and forecast how foldable devices will impact the smartphone market. It will lay out the battlegrounds where OEMs will compete, and lastly discuss how to understand the foldable trend in the context of disruption and innovation.

Table of Contents:

Key Planning Assumptions
Impacting the Market
What Problem Does a Foldable Smartphone Solve?
Shaping Future Competition
Innovation That is Disruptive or Breakthrough?

Number of Pages: 7
Author: Maurice Klaehne
Published Date: March 2019


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