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Microchip, Intel and Nvidia Dominated the US$ 5 Billion Server Accelerator Market in 2018

Oct 13, 2019 |


Cloud Services have expanded from the basic compute and storage services, as new technologies such as AI, machine learning and deep learning emerge. Servers must be installed with accelerators to perform these high-computing and special tasks. Accelerators include FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays), GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Chips), TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), etc.

This report details the top vendors for server accelerators that provide their products to server manufacturers, IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) providers, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) and data center companies. Global Server Accelerator shipments by vendor (in thousands), revenues by vendor (in USD billion) and ASP by vendor (in USD) have been provided for CY2016 to CY2018. YoY growth rates, as well as market share, have also been included.

Table of Contents:

  • Global Server Accelerator Market
    • Global Server Accelerator Shipments (in Thousands)
    • Global Server Accelerator Revenue (in USD Billion)
    • Global Server Accelerator ASP by Vendor (in USD)
  • Global Server Accelerator Market Growth Rates
    • Global Server Accelerator Shipments Growth Rate (%)
    • Global Server Accelerator Revenue Growth Rate (%)
    • Global Server Accelerator ASP Growth Rate (%)
  • Global Server Accelerator Shipments Market Share (%)
    • Global Server Accelerator Revenues Market Share (%)
    • Global Server Accelerator Market Share (%)

Author: Prachir Singh
Published Date: October 2019


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