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Cloud Gaming: A Profitable Arena for Multiple Verticals

Nov 24, 2019 |


Cloud gaming has become one of the hottest sectors right now. With Google launching Stadia and Microsoft announcing Project xCloud, major players are entering this arena. A lot of startups have cropped up in this space. Hatch, Blade, Parsec, Liquidsky and Vortex Cloud Gaming are a few examples of the startups that are trying to grab up the market share.

This report entails the different verticals in the cloud gaming value chain and their relationships in terms of business and revenue sharing. The report provides revenue sharing models on the existing value chain as well as potential future changes due to cloud gaming coming into the picture. Further, the report will provide a competitive advantage perspective in the cloud gaming value chain, in terms of leading value-driving verticals and who will have the bargaining power. Finally, the report will provide recommendations for each vertical in the cloud gaming value chain and how the players should approach to maximize their profits. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Value Chain and Partnerships
  • Hardware Component Players
  • Telecom Operators
  • Game Developers 
  • Current and Future Revenue Models
  • Key Takeaways

Number of Pages: 18
Author: Prachir Singh
Published Date: November 2019


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