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Alibaba Gears Up for Mass Production of its First Chip, the Hanguang 800

Apr 23, 2020 | Author : Wei Sun, Gareth Owen


An overview of Alibaba's AI chip ambitions via wholly-owned subsidiary T-Head, together with an in-depth analysis of its first chip, the Hanguang 800, an AI Cloud Inference chip, which is expected to be launched commercially before the end of 2020.

Table of Contents:

  • T-Head Corporate Snapshot 
  • China's National Plan to Reduce Chip Imports
  • Overview of Alibaba's Semiconductor Activities
  • Origins of T-Head
  • T-Head Corporate Strategy
  • T-Head Product Development Roadmap
  • The Hanguang 800:
    • Product Positioning
    • Chip Architecture Design
    • Software Stack Design
    • MLPerf Benchmarking
    • Other Benchmarked Parameters & Manufacturing Details
    • Comparison of Deployment Modes
    • Major Target Markets
  • Alibaba Hanguang 800 Use Cases:
    • Use Case 1 - Pailitao
    • Use Case 2 - Alibaba City Brain
    • Future Use Cases
  • T-Head Competitive Strengths
  • Key Challenges (Hanguang 8000)
  • Baidu and Huawei also developing AI chips
  • Comparison of US and China AI Chips
  • Key Takeaways

Number of Pages: 29
Authors: Wei Sun, Gareth Owen


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