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Artificial Intelligence in China Part 2 - Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Sep 2, 2020 | Author : Wei Sun


AI technologies in speech and natural language processing (NLP) have grown tremendously in China over the past five years, driven in large part by the massive success of smart speakers and the rise of chatbots. Continuing technology improvements coupled with widespread market education is seeing interactive AI vertical application scenarios moving towards maturity; voice/NLP technologies are being applied across education, healthcare, legal and social media. 

This report is an in-depth analysis on speech and natural language processing (NLP) AI technologies in China, focusing on market trends, the ecosystem, player landscape and challenges. 

Table of Contents:

  • General Overview of Voice/NLP in China
    • Technology
    • Industry/Business
  • Market Segment Definitions/Applications/Level of Technical Maturity Ranking
    • Voice Recognition
    • Voiceprint Recognition
    • Semantic Understanding
    • Voice Synthesis
  • Key Trends and Drivers
  • The Voice/NLP Ecosystem
  • Major Players
    • Overview
    • Technology
    • Key Products & Services
    • Market Presence
    • International Activities
    • Key Competitors
    • SWOT
  • Other players
  • Key Issues & Challenges
  • Takeaways & Conclusions

Number of Pages: 34
Author: Wei Sun
Published Date: September 2020


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