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Open RAN Radio Market: Product Availability Study

Apr 29, 2021 | Author : Gareth Owen


Radio availability is one of the main Achilles heels of the open RAN story. This PPT presentation provides an overview of a study recently undertaken recently by Counterpoint Research to determine the availability of open RAN radios today. The study includes radios deployed or available today as well as those expected to become available during the next 12 months. Radios are segmented by application: outdoor (macro/small cell) and indoors; by type (single/dual/tri-band and MIMO/mMIMO) and by frequency band.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and Scope of Study
  • Counterpoint's Open/Cloud RAN and Edge Computing Research
  • Open RAN Radio Ecosystem
    • Radio Market Segmentation
    • Outdoor RU vendors: Macro and Small Cell
    • Indoor RU vendors: Sub-6GHz and mmWave
    • RU and Open RAN Software Vendor Partnerships
  • Markets and RU Specifications
    • Target Markets and Customers
    • MNOs' Open RAN MIMO Requirements
    • TIP's Evenstar RU Project
  • RU Product Availability
    • Counterpoint's Open RAN Tracker
    • Tracker Assumptions
    • Product Availability by Vendor (Total Market)
    • Product Availability by Vendor (Outdoors & Indoors)
    • Product Availability/Vendor by RU Type
    • Outdoor Macro Radios by Vendor
    • Outdoor Small Cell Radios by Vendor
    • Indoor Radios by Vendor
    • Massive MIMO Radios by Vendor
    • Outdoor Radios by Bands
    • Photo Gallery, Outdoor Market
    • Photo Gallery, Indoor Market
  • Key Issues
  • Summary & Conclusions

Number of Pages: 30
Author: Gareth Owen
Publication date: April 2021


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