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Rakuten and Dish - 2022 Will Be a Critical Year for Greenfield Networks

Dec 21, 2021 | Author : Gareth Owen


Rakuten Mobile and Dish Wireless are greenfield mobile network operators (MNOs) operating in Japan and the US respectively. Both companies are pioneering the development of open, cloud native 5G multi-vendor networks in two of the most competitive and mature markets in the world. While Rakuten has already launched services on its 4G network since April 2020, Dish will launch in Las Vegas in early 2022. 

This report provides a back-to-back review of Rakuten Mobile and Dish Wireless’s recent third quarter 2021 results and provides a detailed insight into the businesses and strategies of the two operators. In addition, the report provides details and analyses of key corporate, product and service announcements during the quarter.  

Table of Contents:

  • Snapshot
  • Key Business Assumptions
  • Company Backgrounds
  • Overview of Financial Results
  • Key Quarterly Data
    • Network Coverage and Roll-Outs
    • Subscribers
    • Services and Pricing
  • Key Points and Analyses
    • Market Strategy
    • Rakuten Financials
    • Dish Financials
    • Rakuten Symphony
    • Rakuten Symware
  • Viewpoint

Number of Pages: 14

Publication Date: December 2021


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