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Metaverse: The Final Destination for XR

Jan 21, 2022 | Author : Wei Sun


Metaverse is one of the most discussed terms these days. Some technologists call it the “next generation of the internet”. Some media organizations called 2021 the “year of metaverse”. Big tech companies are racing to stake a claim on their corner of the metaverse, further injecting vibrancy into the nascent industry. For instance, Facebook has changed its company name to Meta while GPU pioneer NVIDIA has announced its next step towards creating a metaverse.

To borrow a line from The New York Times, “Crypto people say they’re building it (metaverse). Gamers might already be living in it. The art world is cashing in on it. Web veterans are trying to save it. But what is it?”  

Table of Contents:

  • Background 
  • What is Metaverse?
  • Why does it Matter to Every one of Us?
  • Features of Metaverse with its Current Enabling Technologies
    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
    • Blockchain Technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Digital Twin
    • 5G/6G Edge Computing
  • Current Applications of Metaverse
    • Gaming Platforms: Expanding to Virtual Venues
    • NFT Space: Unique Virtual Possessions
    • Digital Collectibles as Status Symbols
    • Digital Art as Scarce Collectibles
    • Virtual Real Estate as Investments
    • Music Metaverse for Digital Property Rights
    • Tech Giants: Racing to Stake a Claim
    • Governments: Planning to Establish Virtual Presence
  • Major Technology Hurdles

Number of Pages: 14

Published Date: January 2022


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