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Location Platform CORE Analysis & Rankings 2017 - HERE Leads the Location Platform Landscape

Sep 9, 2017 | Author : Neil Shah

•With proliferation of internet, growth in mobile devices, applications, increasing urbanization, rise of e-commerce and on-demand services, the power of location has been the key driver underneath
•Location-centric solutions such as maps have been the enabling force not only for getting from point A to B but also for search, discovery and adding context to so many other aspects from content to communication
•In light of this, the location maps provider have been transforming into a more of a platform play to add intelligence on top of the maps to capture the context and analytics to analyze different intelligent data points and transform into information for actionable services
•These actionable services will power advanced connected autonomous transportation systems as well as plethora of connected things ensuring better productivity, safety and experiences
•In this report, we first give an overview of the location ecosystem value chain identifying key location platform players, deep dive into their offerings, recent developments and supporting evaluation scorecard.


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