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Infrastructure Insights - Huawei Launches Next-Gen MetaAAU mMIMO Radio

Jan 28, 2022 | Author : Gareth Owen


Closing the year, the fourth quarter of 2021 was a busy period with several key announcements about mMIMO products. Highlights included the launch of Huawei’s next-generation MetaAAU accompanied by mMIMO product launches from Ericsson and Samsung. Another hot topic was the launch of RAN controller solutions by several vendors. 

This Infrastructure Insights report analyses a selection of the key announcements made by major mobile infrastructure vendors during the quarter, identifying key trends and providing a viewpoint on the significance of each announcement. This quarter’s report also includes a Vendor Focus article on private networks pioneer Athonet. 

Table of Contents:

  • Overview of Quarter
  • 5G RAN Product Launches
    • Samsung AWS/PCS
    • Ericsson Air3268
    • Huawei MetaAAU
  • Open RAN News & Analysis
    • Nokia's O-RAN Tests
    • O-RAN in Japan
    • BT and open RAN
    • Samsung Networks and Virgin Media
    • Samsung Networks and Vodafone
    • Open RAN and Geopolitics
  • RAN Controllers
    • Ericsson IAP
    • Huawei's RAN Intelligence
  • Vendor Focus: Athonet
    • Technology Platform
    • Markets and Customers
    • Leveraging Cloud to Accelerate Time-To-Market
  • Private Networks & IoT
    • China culls 5G Use Cases
    • AWS Private 5G
    • Nokia's MXIE Platform
  • 5G SA Core Market
    • Recent Deployments
    • 5G SA Device Support
    • 5G SA Multi-Vendor Cores
  • The Charts Page
    • 5G SA Core Deployments by Vendor
  • 5G RAN Chip Review
    • Picocom
    • EdgeQ

Number of Pages: 14

Published Date: January 2022


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