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Global Server Market Tracker - Q3 2021

Feb 4, 2022 | Author : Akshara Bassi


The pace with which companies turning to look for cloudification in their business environments is staggering. The companies are increasingly moving towards processing and storing their data on cloud whether it be through on-prem devices or a cloud service provider. We believe that this market will continue to grow and pace at about 3% CAGR combined. The ODM direct companies are growing at a 5% CAGR due to large demand by cloud providers and large enterprises owing to rise in Automotive, Telecommunication and Edge use cases.

This report details the top vendors for servers which provides their products to Cloud Service providers, Data Center Companies and Enterprises. Global Server revenues by vendor (in USD million) have been provided for from CY2018 to Q3 2021

Since 2018, legacy server companies - HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprises), Dell, IBM and Cisco held about 49% of the market share by revenue in server manufacturing. Dell and HPE are the biggest players accounting for over 40% of the market. From 2018, we see Chinese Server companies Inspur Power systems and Huawei capturing the market share until Huawei was banned from doing business in US from mid-2019. The demand for servers is fueled by the cloud service providers - Azure, AWS, Google and Facebook and sanctions against Huawei fueled the rise of Taiwanese ODM's who had earlier manufactured and continue to do so for Dell, HPE & IBM to capture this demand. In late 2021, Dell and HPE hold about 32% of the overall market while the Taiwanese ODM have raised their share from 27% in 2018 to about 32% in 2021.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and Analysis
  • Global Server Market - Pivot
  • Global Server Market - Flat File
  • Contacts

Published Date: February 2022


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