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Personal Audio Headset Market Forecast 2022-2025

Jun 16, 2022 | Author : Liz Lee


The personal audio headset market is expected to become the dominant segment, shifting toward wireless devices from wired devices and creating more valuable opportunities. Continued content growth and rising mobile video consumption are helping drive the market demand. The rising disposable income is also expected to allow consumers to invest more in their personal audio headsets, with trends of conscious consumption leading to more emphasis on quality than design. With increasing advancements in wireless technologies combined with a continuous decrease in the BoM cost for wireless devices, wired devices are losing their competitive edge on both price and sound quality.

Table of Contents:  

  • Segmentation & Definition 
  • Key Assumptions
  • Personal Audio Headset Market Forecast by Device Type
  • Personal Audio Headset Market Forecast by Application
  • Wireless Personal Audio Headset Market Forecast by Brand

Published Date: June 2022


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