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Global eSIM Landscape 2021 Part 2 - Company Profiles

Jul 19, 2022 | Author : Ankit Malhotra, Shubham Sethi & Neil Shah


More than 5 billion eSIM (eUICC- and iUICC-based) capable devices will be shipped cumulatively over the next five years, according to the latest research from Counterpoint’s ETO (Emerging Technology Opportunities) Service. The uptake of eSIMs is poised to grow across a gamut of connected devices over the next decade, led by the flexibility, cost efficiency, security and other myriad benefits offered by the technology.

This report deep dives into the key players who are actively making an impact in the eSIM Value Chain. This report covers 36 different companies who are categorised into following categories - Integrated companies, Hardware based enablers, Entitlement server providers, Connectivity Management Specialists and MNOs/MVNOs. 


  • Integrated Companies
  • Entitlement Servers
  • Hardware based Enablers
  • Connectivity Management Specialists
  • MNOs/MVNOs

Number of Pages: 107

Published Date: July 2022


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