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Roadmap for Commercialization of the 5G Ecosystem

Apr 10, 2018 |


This report covers the future 5G ecosystem, analyzing important factors and key requirements for the implementation of this new technology. It provides a global overview of 5G development and deployment. It also explains the roadmaps for the commercialization of 5G, service preparations undertaken by operators in key countries along with a 5G smartphone market forecast in each of these countries.

Table of Contents:​

  • 5G Global Overview
  • 5G USA
  • 5G Korea
  • 5G China
  • 5G Japan
  • 5G Services

Including the following for each country

  1. 5G trial commericialization roadmap
  2. 5G smartphone forecast
  3. Mobile operator service preparation status

* An Excel workbook is provided on request containing a 5G smartphone shipment and revenue forecast.

Author: Jene Park, Maurice Klaehne
Number of pages: 31
Published Date: April, 2018


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