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Huawei's Role in 5G Standardization Analysis

Aug 3, 2018 |


Huawei’s investment in R&D in the past ten years had helped it to build IPRs for 5G. Apart from this, the report also covers the rise in registration of essential patents for 5G NR from Chinese players and key milestones reached by Huawei in developing 5G.

Table of Contents:

  • Huawei – 2017 Performance & End-to-End Portfolio
  • 5G IPRs and Investments in R&D by Chinese Companies- Huawei 
  • Huawei’s Road to 5G – Timeline
  • Huawei’s Key Elites Driving 5G NR IP
  • Huawei - 5G Standards Industry Collaborations, Activities & Partnerships
  • Influence Of Chinese Brands in Developing 5G Standards
  • 5G IPRs and Investments in R&D by Chinese Companies

Author: Parv Sharma
Number of pages: 9
Published Date: August 2018


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