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Understanding the Current State of 5G and its Potential Use Cases

Sep 6, 2018 |


The mobile industry is increasingly pinning its hopes on 5G to generate new revenues, manage exploding mobile data traffic volumes and better compete against OTT providers. However, this hope may be premature as the business case for 5G is not yet clear and some MNOs are becoming increasingly reticent to proceed with large-scale investment in the technology.

This report highlights the key technical differences of 5G compared to existing 4.5G/4.9G networks and investigates how well each technology satisfies the requirements of several use cases ranging from mobile broadband to numerous vertical industry applications, including healthcare, automotive and industrial IoT.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • 5G Status and Rollout
  • 5G versus 4G, 4.5G and 4.9G
  • Advanced Network Technologies
  • 5G Use Cases 
  • Viewpoint

Authors: Maurice Klaehne, Peter Richardson
Number of pages: 21
Published Date: September 2018



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