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Next-Gen Video Codecs - Market Dynamics Pushing HEVC, VP9 and AV1 Adoption

Oct 5, 2018 |


The report provides an overview of video codec market dynamics, as industry transitions from AVC to new-age video codecs such as royalty-based HEVC and other royalty-free codecs such as VP9 and AV1. It draws a comparison among success factors of HEVC, drawbacks of VP9 and expectations from AOM’s AV1. It also details the HEVC licensing pools and IP licensing model. In the end, this report provides an outlook of how the industry may evolve and which codec might become the standard codec for 4K/8K video content.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Video Content Distribution Value Chain
  • Introduction
    • Timeline of Video Codecs
    • IP Contributors & Major Supporters (Browser, Promoters, Mobile Platforms, etc.) of HEVC, VP9 and AV1
  • IP Contributors, Licensing Fee and Model
    • Overview of Licensing Pools – MPEG LA, HEVC Advance, Velos Media
    • General IP Licensing Model – Royalty Structure, Fee, etc.
  • General & Technical Comparison of Codecs
    • Comparison of codecs – Adoption, Competitiveness, Licensing Fee, Impact on Media
    • Technical Comparison – Compression Ratio & Power Requirements
  • Market Dynamics
    • An analyst viewpoint – HEVC Advantages and challenges for VP9 & AV1
  • Position of Key Players
    • Netflix
    • Amazon
    • Hulu
    • Apple
    • YouTube
    • Others (MNOs and Media Distributors/Aggregators from Korea, China, Japan)
  • Conclusion and Future Outlook
  • Appendix

Number of Pages: 31
Author: Hanish Bhatia
Published Date: October 2018



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