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Global Foldable Smartphone Market Forecast, Q1 2022: May 2022 Update

May 31, 2022 | Author : Jene Park


The foldable market will show more dynamics in 2022 with the new entry of various Chinese OEMs. We expect the foldable market to reach 16.7 m units, showing about 60% growth YoY in shipment.

For 2022, we will consider below points;

  • Samsung will move into the foldable market with the same strategy in 2021 in terms of Price strategy and Promotions.
  • OPPO and vivo's movement into the foldable market will be aggressive, but in terms of shipments, it will be cautious just for 2022.
  • Xiaomi, OPPO will release clamshell-type foldable in 2022 as well as book type, focusing on China smartphone market.
  • Huawei and Honor will continuously release the Foldables, especially focusing on China market.
  • Foldable display panels will show shortages; thus, the market growth will have limitations. In 2023, Foldable display panel shortage will be easy with BoE's movements.

Table of Contents:

  • Assumptions
  • Foldable Shipment Forecast by OEMs
  • Foldable Model level Forecast (+1 year)

Published Date: May 2022


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