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Three Catalysts needed for the Tablet Market to boom

Apr 10, 2012 |

The Tablet market is growing fast but have you noticed it’s just the iPad vs. all the others? Why have all other brands failed to take significant market share?

This report takes a look at what’s shaping the tablet market and what is needed for this market to enter the hyper growth period. Scenario based forecasting is available as well as a thorough look at historical numbers from the beginning of the tablet era.

What this report contains:

  • Brief history of the tablet market
  • PC market overview
  • Vendor and OS landscape
  • Market dynamics
  • User studies

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • How we define the tablet market
  • Hyper growth period
  • Death of the netbook is the notebook market next?
  • How much potential this market has: forecasting
  • 3 things needed to reach its potential
  • Forecasts by each scenario and catalyst
  • The post tablet industry 
  • Conclusions and recommendations


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