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Southeast Asia Market overview potential for smartphone consumption and other Dynamics: Q2 2021

Nov 24, 2021 | Author : Glen Cardoza


The key countries in Southeast Asia saw a QoQ increase in the smartphone Shipments in Q2 2021. With governments’’ focusing on rebuilding the economy and pushing advancements, the smartphone and Telecom sectors showed great potential. 5G was the area of interest and the region was building on not only consumption but production as well. This report covers the change in dynamics and the most promising aspects of the smartphone industry.

Table of Contents: 

  • Region recovery in Q2 2021
  • Overall Smartphone shipments Q2 2019 – Q2 2021
  • Brand categorization
  • Brand share by OEMs
  • Volumes by Price ranges
  • Offline – Online Channel split
  • Display split
  • Shipment outlook in 2021
  • 5G advancements by region
  • OEM promotion strategies
  • COVID-19 update
  • Manufacturing update

Number of Pages: 28

Author: Glen Cardoza


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