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The battle for No. 3 - only two companies are worthy

Apr 2, 2013 |

Apple and Samsung are slogging it out but the result is a bloodbath for all other players who are dwarfed.
Apple repeatedly takes 60% of the market profit and Samsung gets next largest share of 35%. 5% of the profit is shared by 300 brands which is pushing many vendors to the verge of bankruptcy.

If Apple and Samsung are the top 2 who is No. 3? It's constantly changing between several vendors all selling 70~100 million units a year.
Who will eventually emerge to a firm No. 3 and challenge the top 2? Will it be the Chinese rivals, Huawei and ZTE? Or the traditional brands like LG, Sony, Motorola? If not any chance that Blackberry or HTC will rise up again?
We examine each contender and highlight the most important strengths required to survive and thrive the post-smartphone era. In the conclusion we argue only 2 will be left of the current 7 odd contenders.

* Table of Contents
1. How the landscape has been changing
2. The rise and fall of brands
3. Analysis of the middle 7
3.1. Sony
3.2. LG
3.3. ZTE
3.4. Huawei
3.5. Motorola
3.6. Blackberry
3.7. HTC
4. What is required not only to survive but to thrive
5. Two vendors that have the biggest potential
6. Conclusion - 2 years into the future


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