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Emerging Devices Shaping Future Consumer Tech Adoption Aug 2022

Jul 29, 2022 | Author : Varun Mishra, Varun Gupta & Mohammad Junaid

The report covers emerging devices across several categories such as smart body, smart home, smart mobility and much more. It also sets out to analyze which product segment are likely to have which type of connectivity. It also touches upon the analysis of key market segments like XR, Smartwatch, EVs...
Table of Contents:
  • Product Segment Matrix
  • Connectivity Use Cases and Drivers
  • User Platform Comparison
  • Products Covered 
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Body
  • Smart Health and Wellness
  • Smart Pet Care
  • Appendix
  • Segment Analysis
  • Smart Watch Analysis
  • Micro Mobility Analysis
  • eSIM Analysis
  • XR Analysis
  • Contacts
Number of Pages: 86
Publishing Date: July 2022


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