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China LTE Smartphone Market Snapshot

Apr 16, 2014 |

In this report we look at the current trends in the Chinese mobile device market through the lens of a retail survey. We discuss price changes, customer’s preference, brand competition, 4G LTE and channels.

Given the nature of the evolving landscape of China’s mobile communications retail environment this survey includes both online and physical retail assessments. Analysis was conducted across the major smartphone chain stores, online electronic shops, and the three Chinese mobile carriers – this analysis was principally conducted online. We also visited physical stores in South Eastern China.

The three mobile carriers in China -- China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom -- all received 4G TD-LTE licenses in December 2013. China Mobile is vigorously advertising its 4G services already. China Unicom is pushing a 4G commercial trial which is running from March 18 to May 31 in 25 cities including Nanchang. China Telecom’s network remains limited and it’s yet to push its 4G offering...


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