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CES2015 - The show that grows

Jan 13, 2015 |

The Consumer Electronics Show that kicks off the year in resounding style was larger than ever. Its size and diversity mirrors the rapidly developing state of the technology space. 
There were few show-stopping new product announcements. Instead there was an avalanche of smaller products launches from the thousands of exhibitors. Many of these products will likely fail in the white heat of a competitive market place, but the extent of applied innovation was exciting to see. Many of the trends we have foreseen in trend analysis work over the last decade are now becoming reality, along with a host of innovations we had not foreseen. 
It is not possible to do justice to CES in a short article. Nevertheless we have challenged ourselves to summarize some key technology trends with reference to exhibits at CES. And we finish up with a key takeaway from the event.


Tablet of Contents

1. Ubiquitous Computing and Smart Machines

2. Widespread digital storage

3. Pervasive connectivity

4. Proliferation of digital devices 

5. Sensors everywhere

6. Display yourself

* Key Takeaways



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