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5G Ecosystem Update: July 2019 Webinar

Jul 10, 2019 |

This is a summary slide deck used in our client webinar held on July 9th 2019. Clients can download this after login and we also have a recording which will be available on request.

Our Research Directors, Peter Richardson and Neil Shah discussed the current state of 5G, outlook and opportunities. They shared insights on the current state of the 5G ecosystem which includes:

  • Operator roll-out plans
  • Semiconductor components industry readiness
  • Device OEM launch strategies
  • Other topics such as potential 5G use cases, IP licensing trends and device forecasts

This report dives into the world of 5G giving insights on the network and spectrum rollout, supply chain and devices. The report includes analysis of next generation technology and up to date market trends. It defines the roadmap, opportunities and scope of Emerging Tech Opportunities. 

Table of Contents: 

  • 5G Introduction
  • 5G Spectrum & Network Rollout
  • 5G Supply Chain
  • 5G Devices
  • ETO Practice Introduction
  • Emerging Tech Research Scope
  • ETO Research Roadmap Topic Areas

This report serves as a minor update to our report here: 5G Ecosystem Tracker (It was published in March 2019 in our ETO report category)

Number of Pages: 46
Author: Neil Shah, Peter Richardson
Published Date: July 2019


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