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Blackberry: Time to pivot

Sep 29, 2014 |

Hot on its heels after the announcement of its new flagship BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry also announced its fiscal Q2 2015 (June-Aug 2014) quarter performance results. As expected the results continues to be challenging as the company tries to figures out how it can align its core competency which is software engineering, mobile and enterprise services and security along with strategy. If this resonates well then BlackBerry could be on a path to make a comeback and find a successful position to remain prevalent in the mobility space and beyond.

We will take a look at the key performance indicators trends to analyse the underlying trends, challenges and opportunities for BlackBerry in this report:

  •  During the August 2014 ending quarter, BlackBerry's total revenues hit an all-time-low of US$916 million down 42% annually
  •  The declining shipments and installed base have been the key reasons for the overall revenues to dip to an all-time low
  •  The revenue mix has tilted more towards software, services and IP licensing which contributes to more than 50% of the revenues compared to 19% at its peak
  •  While the profitability has been improving the company will need more scale to move out of red
  •  The demand for BlackBerry hardware has dwindled in wake of tough competition from Android, iOS and now Windows Phone in consumer as well as enterprise arena



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