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Infographic-Market Monitor-Q3-2014

Dec 26, 2014 |

Our Quarterly Infographic for the Q3 2014 Market Monitor report has been published.

This quarter in Q3 2014, handsets grew 7% compared with last year.
With the help of the iPhone 6 series launch, Apple topped value share with approx. 33% of industry revenue.
Samsung’s Global handset market share decline to 22% from its peak of 27% in Q3-3013.
Xiaomi emerged as one the top three vendors in terms of global shipments and double its revenue on YoY basis.
LTE was the fastest growing segment crossing 100 million units in a quarter for the first time.



  • CHINA ranked #1 in sOMI emerged as one of the 3 vendors in therms of global shipments and doubled its revenues on YOY basis.martphone market contributed closer to 1/4th of the global revenues.
  • SAMSUNG global handset market share declined  to 22% from it's peak of 27% in Q3 2013.
  • APPLE TOPPED the list woth approx. 33% share in therms of value, after apple iPhone 6 series launched in Sep.



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