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Cyanogen: Disruption Around The Corner?

Apr 6, 2015 |

Mobile is eating the world.

The platforms (i.e. iOS & Android) empowering this trend have revolutionized once more, by making mobile devices smarter with an abundance of mobile driven apps and services satisfying plethora of use-cases.

But ironically , these platforms which were once even called Open O/S (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows and so forth) have transformed into almost closed ecosystems looking to gain complete control of the users.


The ecosystem can be defined as a digital system where the modern digital consumer spends his/her life investing in hardware, software and services which allows everyone powering that ecosystem to generate revenues depending upon the different monetization models. (i.e. through hardware, ads, apps, etc).

However, we are reaching a tipping point where the very horizontal mobile internet enabled apps, networks and services companies residing over the top of these platforms or within these ecosystems have started to create their own stickiness factors where most of the users are now spending their digital lives in.


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