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Hatch - Is Early Entry and Telco Partnerships Enough for Long Term Sustainability

Sep 14, 2019 |


Finland-based cloud gaming company Hatch Entertainment Ltd was founded in 2016 by the creator of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment. The company has 150+ premium games in its portfolio that can be played using its cloud streaming gaming platform without installing anything other than the Hatch application on the smartphone. Hatch is currently available in the United States, selected European countries, Japan and South Korea. With a strong mobile gaming background, Hatch started early to capture the imagination of the operators to find new revenue sources form its premium customer base. We analyzed the business model to understand if it is sustainable for the future.

Table of Contents: 

  • What is Hatch?
  • Cloud Gaming Architecture
  • Hatch Business Model and Partnership
  • Future Outlook

Number of Pages: 8
Author: Pavel Naiya
Published Date: September 2019


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