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Users turn positive towards foldables after actual use: Galaxy Fold FGI

Mar 13, 2020 | Author : Sujeong Lim


We conducted a focus group interview with smartphone users to track the change of attitude towards foldable smartphones before and after use. Interviews were conducted, in Nov and Dec 2019, with 14 participants across 7 countries where the Galaxy Fold was available. Users were given a Samsung Galaxy Fold and were asked to use the device freely between 1 hour to 2 days and their responses were recorded. 50% of the users were skeptical about the device when we started the research but the negativity dropped to 21% after actually using the device extensively. Users who borrowed the device for more than a day all responded positively after the experience. The main innovations viewed by users and their suggested improvements were also included in the interview. We believe the foldable category has more potential that it initially looks like.

Table of Contents:

  • Research methodology
  • Summary
  • Key finding 1) perception towards foldables change from negative to positive after using the device
  • What made the change?
  • What triggers positive sentiment?
  • Key finding 2) What did they like vs. what did they not like?
  • Recommendations for the next foldable smartphone

Number of Pages: 19
Author: Sujeong Lim
Published Date: March, 2020


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