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Smart Wearables Introduction – Part 1. Smart Watches

Aug 28, 2015 |

The Rise of Smart Wearables

We have initiated our Smart Wearables coverage.

Counterpoint’s focus areas are Smart Watches, Activity Trackers and Augmented/Virtual Reality devices which are the most prominent in the emerging smart wearable industry.  In this first report we cover Smart Watches with an overview of Smart Wearables in general. This is the first in a three piece report series introducing Smart Wearables.

With the increasing penetration of smartphones smart accessories are developing higher utility to the user. The devices are designed such that smartphones can connect to a variety of devices and act as controllers.
In the current scenario, mobile phone shipments during Q2 2015 shipments were 462 Million units, this holds a major opportunity in the industry as 350 million phones out of these are smart phones, which means that 3/4 of handsets shipped globally were smartphones. The attach rate of smart accessories, while currently low, has signficant potential once initial obstacles are overcome.



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