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Enter the Dragon: Chinese Brands Growth in India

Mar 18, 2016 |

As the growth options in China market are almost maxed out for Chinese brands, India, thus presents them with the only sizeable opportunity for them to garner growth with scale. However, India also has been one of the tougher markets to grow and scale as you need greater marketing budget, well penetrated distribution network to scale. Please find details on Chinese market penetrating India.

In this Report:

  • India Mobile Phone Market Trends
  • Chinese Brands Growing Reason 1: Tapping the Online Boom
  • Chinese Brands Growing Reason 2: Tapping the LTE Phablet Boom
  • Chinese Brands Growing Reason 3: Business Model Approach
  • 2016 Prediction from Product Perspective

List of Tables & Charts:

  • Market Trends of India Mobile Phone I
  • Market Trends of India Mobile Phone II
  • Sales Trends of China Smartphones via Online Vs Offline Channels
  • LTE Phablet Boom in 2015
  • Trends of 3G Vs 4G in China
  • Business Models adopted by the Mobile Phone Brands

Number of Pages: 8
Author: Neil Shah (
Published Date: March 2016


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