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Infographic: Global Foundry Revenue Share | Q1 2022

Jun 3, 2022 | Author : Team Counterpoint


Foundry Revenue Share by Vendors

TSMC reported stronger Q1 2022 revenue driven by HPC (clients including Apple, AMD, Nvidia) which exceeded smartphone as its largest business segment for the first time of company history. Also the upside results came from UMC and SMIC, both delivered higher sales from increasing wafer price and local client demand. Relatively, the market share on Samsung and GF were stable, due to the constrains of capacities and lower production yields from some products in the advnaced nodes.

Foundry Revenue Share by Technology Nodes

The largest technology node (in revenue) was 7/6 nanometer during Q1 2022, accounting for 18% of the total foundry industry TAM. The main products in 7/6nm include smartphone AP/SoC, tablet APUs, GPUs, and CPUs that TSMC
dominated the market. The node of 16/14/12nm is the second largest node, primiarily for smartphone RF IC / 4G SoCs, wearable processors, SSD controller, and PC-related ICs. TSMC, Samsung and GlobalFoundries are the major vendors in 1xnm.

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Published Date: June 2022


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