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Counterpoint Macro Index May 2022

Jun 14, 2022 | Author : Yang Wang and Peter Richardson

The Counterpoint Macro Index aims to capture the environment and sentiment for the global technology industry. We look at issues and measures in macroeconomics, domestic and international politics, supply chains, industry performance and outlook, and regulatory events and outlook.
In May the Counterpoint Macro Index saw the worst reading for the global technology environment since the first months of the pandemic. More than half of the negative score was contributed by the Ukraine War, and the ensuring supply chain and inflationary issues. Underwhelming readings in the domestic scenes in US and China also contributed to the negative tone.
Table of Contents:
  • Counterpoint Macro Index May 2022 - Overview
  • Risk & Impact Chart
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Featured Charts of the Month
  • Featured Topic of the Month - China’s Domestic Policy Landscape
  • Constituent Indices
  • Explaining the Counterpoint Macro Index
Published Date: June 2022


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