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Infographic: India Wearables and Hearables Market - Q2 2022

Aug 12, 2022 | Author : Anshika Jain, Akshay RS


India Smart Wearables Broad Category by Brand Origin:

India smart wearables consist of smartwatch and smart band segments. Indian brands dominated 85% of India smartwatch market due to their value-for-money offerings and strong marketing efforts to capture customer mindshare. On the contrary, India’s smart band market is dominated by Chinese brands with a 61% market share in Q2 2022.

India Hearables Market Broad Category by Brand Origin:

India Hearables market consists of TWS (Truly Wireless Stereo) and Neckband segments. Indian Brands dominated the India Neckband market and India TWS market with 66% and 81% market share respectively in Q2 2022.

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Published Date: August 2022


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