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Smartphone Intelligence Tracker - November 2022

Nov 29, 2022 | Author : Varun Mishra


The Smartphone Intelligence Tracker gives the Counterpoint perspective on a curated collection of recent news and other articles that have made an impact on the smartphone ecosystem (OEMs, app ecosystem, policy, and more). It gives readers an idea of the current state of affairs in the sector and potential ramifications, helping connect the dots.

The November edition analyses key developments within the smartphone ecosystem during: October 22, 2022 – November 21, 2022. Additionally, the November edition covers some of the key earnings reports from Q3 2022 for the smartphone and allied industries.

It also covers the list of key smartphone launches during the period.

Some of the developments from this edition, where are analysts give their point of view include:

  • Apple Supplier Foxconn to Adjust Production to Meet Holiday Demand
  • Samsung to Further Speed Up Android Updates
  • Samsung to Provide 400,000 Rugged Galaxy Devices to Airbus Partnership
  • Samsung to Shut Vietnam Smartphone Factory For 15 Days in December
  • Vodafone to cut costs and raise prices due to economic headwinds

Q3 2022 Earnings Summaries –

  • Qualcomm Delivers Record Q3 Revenue Amid Difficult Macro Environment
  • Apple’s Q3 2022 Revenue Hits Record High, Beats Estimates
  • Top US Telecom Operators’ Q3 Earnings Update
  • Samsung Q3 Earnings Update: Operating profit down YoY amidst global economic downturn

Published Date: November 2022

Number of Pages: 19


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