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Smartphones and a Circular Economy; creating a sustainable future

Dec 16, 2022 | Author : Jan Stryjak, Glen Cardoza, Akshara Bassi, Priya Joseph, Ravyansh Yadav


Given the critical need for action to mitigate the threat of climate change and to reduce the ever-increasing amount of e-waste created by the smartphone industry, there is a growing demand for OEMs to shift to a Circular Economy – a model of production and consumption which involves reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as much as possible.

This report evaluates the top five global smartphone OEMs’ sustainability efforts using parameters that follow the stages of the Circular Economy – production, use and end of life – as well as their overall sustainability vision. It also then discusses what is needed to make circularity a standard business practice, and not just for ESG, CSR or marketing purposes.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction: why is a Circular Economy needed?
  • Stages of a Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy vendor scorecard
  • Production: creating sustainable smartphones
  • Use: making smartphones last longer
  • End of life: reducing waste
  • Policy: enabling a Circular Economy
  • The future of a Circular Economy
  • Authors, Copyright, User Agreement, and Other General Information

Number of Pages: 36

Published Date: December 2022


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